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Allen Bradley 1794-IV16
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Allen Bradley 1794-IV16

For competitive pricing on high-quality Allen Bradley 1794-IV16 products, look no further than Hanhuiguan Trading! In automated systems, the Allen Bradley 1794-IV16 integrates seamlessly with other devices and controllers to enable functions such as monitoring, control, and data acquisition. It receives input signals from sensors, switches, and other devices, and sends output signals to actuators, drivers, and similar equipment, thereby facilitating automated control, process optimization, and equipment protection. This enhances production efficiency and system reliability. As your trusted industrial equipment supplier in China, we pledge to provide reliable solutions and top-notch after-sales service.

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Product Description

Hanhuiguan Trading is a leading enterprise specializing in the manufacture and supply of Allen Bradley 1794-IV16, renowned in the industry for its outstanding technology and high-quality products. We are committed to meeting diverse customer needs, providing customized solutions, and continuously improving product quality and performance.

The Allen Bradley 1794-IV16 is an essential component of industrial automation and control systems, thanks to its reliable performance, flexible configuration, and rich features, facilitating the intelligence and automation control of production processes for users.

Firstly, it offers 16 digital input/output channels, enabling users to connect multiple external devices and monitor and control their statuses. These channels can be flexibly configured as digital inputs or outputs to meet the requirements of various application scenarios.

Secondly, the Allen Bradley 1794-IV16 features highly reliable performance and stable operation. With advanced industrial-grade electronic components and design, it ensures reliable operation even in harsh industrial environments, enhancing the stability and reliability of production lines.

Furthermore, the Allen Bradley 1794-IV16 supports flexible software configuration and can integrate with various control systems, including PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and DCS (Distributed Control System). Users can configure and manage input and output signals through corresponding software tools to monitor, process, and control signals, realizing automated production processes.

Regarding software configuration, users can set parameters for input and output channels, including signal types, trigger conditions, alarm thresholds, etc., through configuration software. Additionally, communication protocol settings can be configured through the software to exchange data and communicate with other devices, facilitating data sharing and collaborative work between devices


Input Module
Flex I/O
16 Point
11 mA
24 VDC Nominal
LED Indicators


The Allen Bradley 1794-IV16 module finds extensive application in the field of industrial control and automation, catering to a wide range of functionalities:

1.Industrial Automation: The 1794-IV16 module seamlessly integrates into industrial automation systems for monitoring and controlling digital signals. It receives input signals from sensors, switches, and other digital devices, while also controlling actuators, valves, and other digital output devices.

2.Process Control: In process control applications, this module is instrumental in monitoring and controlling various process variables. For instance, it can monitor temperature, pressure, liquid levels, and flow rates, executing corresponding control operations based on predefined conditions.

3.Data Acquisition and Monitoring: The 1794-IV16 module serves data acquisition and monitoring purposes effectively. It transmits digital signals to supervisory computers or monitoring systems, enabling real-time monitoring of equipment status, production processes, and environmental conditions.

4.Safety Systems: Within factory and facility safety systems, this module monitors the status of safety switches, emergency stop buttons, and other safety devices. It promptly detects potential safety risks, triggering appropriate safety measures as needed.

5.Power Control: In power systems, the 1794-IV16 module monitors and controls various parameters involved in power distribution and transmission processes. For example, it monitors current, voltage, and power factor, executing automatic switching and adjustment operations as required.

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