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Allen Bradley 1756-M02AE
  • Allen Bradley 1756-M02AEAllen Bradley 1756-M02AE

Allen Bradley 1756-M02AE

As a professional high-quality manufacturer, you can confidently choose to purchase the Allen Bradley 1756-M02AE from Hanhuiguan Trading. Supported by rich experience and excellent service, we provide reliable industrial automation solutions. The Allen Bradley 1756-M02AE boasts powerful input/output (I/O) capabilities, supporting a variety of digital and analog signal inputs and outputs, along with high-speed communication interfaces, enabling real-time communication with other devices, sensors, and actuators. Its features include flexible configuration options, customizable settings based on specific requirements; high reliability and durability, suitable for various industrial application scenarios; and ease of integration into existing control systems, providing users with a convenient operational and maintenance experience.

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Product Description

The Allen Bradley 1756-M02AE, which is manufactured and supplied by Hanhuiguan Trading, stands out as a leading industrial control device. This module boasts support for multiple communication protocols, a diverse range of input-output types, and exceptional module expansion capabilities. Its design not only offers flexible configuration and programming methods but also seamlessly integrates with other Allen Bradley control devices, providing users with the convenience of building reliable automation control systems. Whether in complex production environments or demanding industrial applications, the Allen Bradley 1756-M02AE demonstrates outstanding performance and reliability, making it a preferred choice in the field of industrial automation.

1.Communication Protocol Support:
The Allen Bradley 1756-M02AE supports various communication protocols, including Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, enabling it to communicate with different types of devices and systems, facilitating flexible data exchange and control.

2.Input-Output Types:
The Allen Bradley 1756-M02AE features multiple input-output types, such as digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs, allowing it to receive various types of sensor signals, actuator control signals, and exchange data with other devices.

3.Configuration and Programming:
The Allen Bradley 1756-M02AE can be configured and programmed using compatible software like Studio 5000. Users can configure input-output signals, set communication parameters, and write control logic programs according to actual requirements, thus achieving automation control functions.

4.Compatibility Information:
The 1756-M02AE demonstrates excellent compatibility with other series of Allen Bradley control devices, seamlessly integrating with PLCs, HMIs, SCADA systems, among others, to construct comprehensive automation control systems.


Servo Motion Control Module
2 Axis
Analog Encoder
4x Quadrature
Open Style

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