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Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC
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Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC

Hanhuiguan Trading is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC products. We are committed to providing reliable products and excellent services to meet our customers' needs and expectations. The Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC is a communication adapter in the field of industrial automation. Its role is to establish communication connections between Allen-Bradley MicroLogix series controllers and other devices. This adapter allows MicroLogix controllers to communicate and exchange data with computers, HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces), PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), and other devices through various communication protocols such as DH-485, DF1, etc. With the 1761-NET-AIC, users can achieve functions such as data acquisition, monitoring, and control, thereby fulfilling data transmission and control tasks in industrial automation systems.

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Product Description

As a reputable Chinese manufacturer and supplier, Hanhui Guan Trading has been dedicated to providing customers with high-quality Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC products for many years. The Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC is a module designed for synchronous control of axes, enabling coordinated motion across multiple axes. This module supports communication with other devices via a serial communication interface and offers flexible configuration options along with a straightforward installation process.

In terms of synchronous axis control, the Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC module communicates with other control devices through its serial communication interface to achieve synchronized motion across multiple axes. The module supports various communication protocols, allowing it to communicate with other Allen Bradley devices or third-party control devices to coordinate axis motion effectively.

The number of axes supported by the 1761-NET-AIC module depends on the capabilities and configuration of the connected control devices. With the appropriate software and configuration, multiple axes can be connected to the module for coordinated control.

The installation and configuration of the Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC module are relatively straightforward. Initially, users need to correctly connect the module to the control system, including inserting the module into the appropriate slot or port and ensuring all power and communication lines are properly connected.

Subsequently, users need to configure the module using the corresponding software tools. This may involve specifying communication protocols, setting axis parameters, and defining the method of synchronous motion. The configuration process typically utilizes specialized software tools or programming environments such as RSLogix 500 or Studio 5000.

Once the module is configured and connected to the control system, users can control and monitor axis motion through programming or configuration files. This involves writing appropriate control logic or programs and ensuring the module communicates correctly with other devices to execute the required motion tasks.

In summary, the Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC module provides users with an effective tool for achieving synchronous axis control through its flexible communication interface and straightforward configuration process. With proper installation and configuration, users can accomplish coordinated motion across multiple axes and execute complex motion control tasks within the control system.


Ethernet Interface Module
Advanced Interface Converter
RS-232 to RS-485 Isolator


The Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC is a communication adapter designed to connect Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLCs to networks or other devices. Here are its key features:

1.Communication Features:
Supports communication with MicroLogix 1000 and MicroLogix 1200 series PLCs.
Communicates with PLCs via RS-232C or RS-485 interfaces.

2.Network Connectivity:
Allows MicroLogix PLCs to connect to networks for remote monitoring and control.
Can connect to different network environments via Ethernet or other network protocols.

3.Flexibility and Scalability:
Supports various network topologies, including star and bus configurations, to meet diverse application needs.
Can connect to various devices including computers, HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces), SCADA systems, etc.

4.Quick Installation and Configuration:
Provides simple installation steps and configuration interfaces for rapid integration into existing systems.

5.Reliability and Stability:
Designed to industrial environmental standards with high immunity to interference and stability.
Offers diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities to swiftly address communication issues.

6.Compatibility and Support:
Compatible with Allen Bradley's MicroLogix series PLCs and seamlessly integrates with other Allen Bradley devices.
Provides manufacturer technical support and documentation for user convenience in operation and maintenance.

Supports data encryption and security authentication mechanisms to ensure the security and integrity of communication data.

Offers relatively low costs, suitable for implementing and applying in medium to small-scale industrial automation projects.

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