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Allen Bradley 1747-M13
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Allen Bradley 1747-M13

Hanhuiguan Trading is a leading company specialized in manufacturing and supplying the Allen Bradley 1747-M13 , renowned for its excellent technology and high-quality products in the industry. The Allen Bradley 1747-M13 is a classic modular controller commonly used in the field of industrial automation. Its primary features include efficient data processing and control capabilities, reliable performance, and flexible configuration options. As a programmable controller, the 1747-M13 boasts robust input/output interfaces, supporting various sensors and actuators' connections, thereby enabling precise monitoring and control of industrial processes.

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Product Description

As the manufacturer of the Hanhuiguan Trading, we are committed to providing high-quality industrial automation products to global customers, including the renowned 1747-M13 Allen Bradley. This classic industrial control module is widely used in automation control systems, featuring various interface and connectivity options to meet the requirements of different control systems.

First and foremost, the Allen Bradley 1747-M13 utilizes the standard RS-232 interface, allowing convenient communication with other devices such as computers, HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces), or other PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). The ubiquity and reliability of the RS-232 interface enable the 1747-M13 to be easily integrated and utilized within existing industrial environments.

Additionally, the 1747-M13 also possesses the capability to adapt to DH-485 networks. DH-485 is a communication protocol commonly used for connecting Allen Bradley control devices and peripheral equipment. Through the DH-485 network, the 1747-M13 can communicate with other PLC modules, I/O devices, and external controllers, facilitating system-level data exchange and control.

In terms of applications, the Allen Bradley 1747-M13 is commonly found in the field of industrial automation, particularly in situations requiring upgrades or expansions to existing systems. It serves as a reliable interface module for connecting various types of devices and sensors, integrating them into the overall control system. For example, in applications such as production line control, factory automation, and process monitoring, the 1747-M13 plays a crucial role.

Technical Specifications of 1747-M13

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SLC 500


The Allen Bradley 1747-M13 is a memory module designed specifically for memory adapters, commonly used as a backup storage for SLC 5/03, 5/04, and 5/05 processors. When installing this memory module, it is crucial to ensure proper positioning and jumper connections. For the 1747-M13 module, the jumper must be connected between pin A18 and the middle pin. To ensure seamless compatibility between the 1747-M13 and its memory adapter, it is recommended to utilize the 1747-M15 module. This helps avoid potential damage to the memory module or Programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM), or even both. When installing or removing the memory module or processor, it is imperative to ensure that the controller is turned off. This helps prevent damage to the processor or unexpected malfunctions. The memory module connector is designed with keying to prevent incorrect installation. Avoid exposing the module to areas prone to static electricity, as it may cause damage or alterations.

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