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Allen Bradley 1762-OA8
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Allen Bradley 1762-OA8

At Hanhuiguan Trading, you can find the Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 product that meets your requirements. We look forward to collaborating with you with our professional after-sales service and competitive pricing. The Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 is designed to receive commands from controllers or computers. It operates by switching on or off its 8 output channels based on the status of input signals, thereby playing a crucial role in automation systems. It facilitates functions such as controlling equipment on production lines, executing specific tasks, and regulating parameters like temperature and light. The utilization of the Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 module enhances industrial production processes, making them more precise, efficient, and easily monitored and controlled.

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Hanhuiguan Trading, located in China, is a leading supplier of high-quality Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 modules. Our product range encompasses a diverse array of Allen Bradley series, offering customers a variety of choices at highly competitive prices. As a reliable provider in the field of industrial equipment solutions, we have earned the trust of our clients through our extensive product selection and professional after-sales service.

One of the key features of the Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 is its compact design, making it suitable for installation in limited spaces while maintaining excellent reliability and durability to withstand harsh industrial environments for prolonged periods. Additionally, the module supports multiple industrial standards and communication protocols, facilitating integration with various control systems and equipment.

In terms of input/output capabilities, the Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 module features 8 digital output channels, each capable of controlling various external devices such as motors, valves, and lights. These channels respond rapidly to input signals, executing corresponding operations to achieve precise control and regulation over the production process.

For programming and configuration, the Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 is typically integrated into Allen Bradley's PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems. Users can configure and program the module using programming software such as RSLogix to implement specific control logic and functionalities. Through proper programming, users can define the behavior of output channels, set trigger conditions, and accomplish complex automation tasks and process control.


85-265 Vac Output
8 Point Digital
Rack Mountable


The Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 is a digital output module commonly used in industrial automation and control systems. Below are some considerations to be mindful of when using it:
1.Power Requirements: Ensure the correct voltage and current are supplied to the 1762-OA8 as per the specifications manual to ensure normal module operation.
2.Environmental Conditions: Ensure the Allen Bradley 1762-OA8 operates under appropriate environmental conditions. Avoid excessively high or low temperatures, humidity, and other adverse environmental conditions.
3.Installation Position: When installing the modules, ensure they are placed in dry, well-ventilated locations, and away from any potential sources of electromagnetic interference.
4.Output Loads: Ensure the output loads comply with the rated specifications of the 1762-OA8 module. Exceeding the rated load may cause module overload or damage.
5.Wiring Method: Carefully read and follow the installation manual and wiring diagrams of the 1762-OA8 module. Properly connect inputs and outputs, as well as ground lines, to ensure safe and reliable connections.
6.Programming and Configuration: Program and configure the 1762-OA8 module correctly according to specific application requirements. Ensure output actions and behaviors meet expectations, and conduct necessary testing and debugging.
7.Maintenance and Upkeep: Regularly inspect the operational status of the 1762-OA8 module and perform routine maintenance and upkeep. Replace damaged components promptly to ensure system reliability and continuity.
Adherence to Safety Standards: When installing and operating the Allen Bradley 1762-OA8, always adhere to relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

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