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Bently Nevada 136188-02
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Bently Nevada 136188-02

As an experienced supplier of advanced sensing and monitoring equipment, Hanhuiguan Trading is proud to offer Bently Nevada 136188-02 in China. This highly reliable instrument is designed for measuring vibration and position in rotating machinery and is an essential tool for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting.

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With advanced technology and robust design, Bently Nevada 136188-02 can endure harsh environments while delivering highly precise data output. At Hanhuiguan Trading, we follow strict quality control guidelines to ensure that each product meets the highest standards. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with competitive pricing, superior customer service, and technical support to address their unique needs. If you need Bently Nevada 136188-02 or other sensing and monitoring equipment, Hanhuiguan Trading is the supplier you can trust for quality products and reliable services.
Features of Bentley 136188-02 Ethernet/RS485 ModbusI/O module

Bently Nevada 136188-02 Module Card

In the event of a power outage, remove the original module and replace it with a new module of the same model.
If a module needs to be replaced, the user should confirm that the installed module is of the same type. Some I/O systems allow modules to be replaced while the power is on, while others require the power to be cut off. If replacement solves the problem, but then the problem recurs after a relatively short period of time, the user should check for inductive loads that produce voltage, perhaps requiring external current spikes. If the wire is blown again after replacement, it is possible that the output current of the module exceeds the limit, or the output device is short-circuited.
BENTLY sensors are usually installed inside or on the surface of machines and are used to measure vibration, displacement, rotational speed, pressure, torque and energy, etc. Bently Nevada provides a variety of sensors that can meet the requirements of industrial environments. Some sensors can be installed in hazardous areas after adopting intrinsic safety barriers, electromagnetic insulation and other methods. If your needs are not within our standard product range, we can also modify existing products or develop completely new products to meet your needs.

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