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Bently Nevada 126648-01
  • Bently Nevada 126648-01Bently Nevada 126648-01

Bently Nevada 126648-01

Hanhuiguan Trading is a reliable supplier of Bently Nevada 126648-01 in China. This product is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of vibration and position in rotating machinery for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting.

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With advanced technology and a durable design, the Bently Nevada 126648-01 is capable of withstanding harsh environments and providing precise data output. At Hanhuiguan Trading, we follow strict quality control procedures to ensure each unit is manufactured to the highest standards. Our team is committed to providing excellent services and competitive pricing to meet our customers' needs. If you're in the market for Bently Nevada 126648-01 or other advanced sensing and monitoring equipment, Hanhuiguan Trading is the supplier you can count on.

Bently Nevada 126648-01 is an I/O module for industrial monitoring technology. This module is part of the 3500 Series, which includes other components such as modules, proximitor sensors, cables, and racks/chassis. The 126648-01 is a keyphasor I/O module with external termination for a keyphasor, a signal used to track the position of a rotating shaft or gear. It is a digital pulse generated by a sensor that is synchronized to a specific point on the shaft or gear. Key phase signals are used to measure the speed and phase angle of rotating machinery. The 126648-01 I/O module is used to connect the key phase sensor and provide the key phase signal to the monitoring system.
The American Bentley bently3500 vibration monitoring and protection system provides online monitoring functions.

The bently3500 system can monitor the vibration of large rotating machinery: steam turbines, water turbines, fans, compressors, turboexpanders, electric motors and generators, exciters, gearboxes, water pumps, etc.
The American Bently 3500/15 power module is a half-height module. The Bently 3500/15 power module (clip) must be installed in the specially designed notch on the left side of the frame. The 3500 frame can be equipped with one or two power supplies (any combination of AC or DC). Any one of these power supplies can power the entire frame. If two power supplies are installed, one power supply can serve as a backup for the other. .When two power supplies are installed, the upper power supply serves as the main power supply and the lower power supply serves as the backup power supply. As long as one power supply is installed, removing or installing a power module will not affect the operation of the frame. The 3500 power supply can accept a wide range of input voltages and convert that input voltage to a voltage that other 3500 modules can accept. For the 3500 Machinery Protection System, there are three power supplies:
1.AC power supply 175 to 264 Vac, (usually 220V AC power supply)
2. High voltage DC power supply
3. Low voltage DC power supply
Operating temperature: -30°C to +65°C (-22°F to +150°F).
Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F).
Humidity: 95%, non-condensing.

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