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ABB 07KP90

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Product Description

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ABB 07KP90 is a programmable controller (PLC) from ABB. The controller plays a central role in modern industrial automation systems, responsible for controlling and scheduling automated production processes. ABB 07KP90 can complete key tasks in controlling, monitoring and executing automation processes. It is efficient, flexible, safe and reliable, and supports multiple communication methods. It is usually used in large-scale industrial production and manufacturing companies, allowing companies to better control and manage their production processes and improve production efficiency and quality.

Basic unit ABB 07KP90

Basic unit with max. 480 kB user program 480 kB user program
+ 256 kB user data, CS31 system bus
The basic unit 07 KT 97 R200 is the standard device for all applications. Additionally, there are base units with reduced performance (such as the 07 KT 95 or the 07 KT 96
high-performance basic units such as 07 KT 95 or 07 KT 96, as well as higher-performance basic units such as 07 KT 97 R260 with ARCNET connection, 07 KT 97 R0220 with PROFIBUS connection and 07 KT 97 R260 with DSP connection ).
07 KT 97 R0220 with PROFIBUS interface, 07 KT 97 R0262 with ARCNET and PROFIBUS interface).
PROFIBUS). See page 3 for comparison table. This document describes the basic unit 07 KT 97
The base unit of the R200, then datasheets for the other devices are added to show only the differences.
A brief description
Basic unit 07 KT 97 can be used in decentralized automation systems as
- Bus master in decentralized automation systems
Advant Controller 31 or as
- As slave of the Advant Controller 31 decentralized automation system (remote processor
slave device (remote processor) in the system or as
- Independent basic unit.
The base unit is powered by a 24 V DC power supply.
The main function
- 24 digital inputs with LED display
- 16 digital transistor outputs with LED display
- 8 digital inputs/outputs with LED display
- 8 individually configurable analog inputs 0...10 V, 0...5 V, ±10 V, ±5 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA, differential analog input The terminal can also be configured individually as a digital input terminal. Can also be configured individually as a digital input
- 4 individually configurable analog outputs ±10 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA
- 2 counters with counting frequency up to 50 kHz, configurable in 7 different operating modes
- 1 CS31 system bus interface for system expansion
- 1 interface for connecting the communication module ABB 07KP90
- 2 serial interfaces COM1, COM2
- as MODBUS interface and
- for programming and testing functionality
- Real Time Clock
- LEDs for health and error messages
- Removable screw terminal blocks
- Secure with screws or snap the device in
DIN rail
- The 07 LE 90 lithium battery can be placed in the battery compartment for
battery box for
- Store and back up user programs in RAM
- Store and back up additional data contained in RAM
Store and back up additional data contained in RAM, such as the status of flags
- Backup time and date (real time clock)
- RUN/STOP switch to start and terminate the program
- Extensive diagnostic capabilities
- Self-diagnosis of the base unit
- Diagnostics of the CS31 system bus and connected modules
Connection module

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