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ABB 07KR51
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ABB 07KR51

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ABB 07KR51 is a controller from ABB, used for automation control in the field of industrial production. It is a high-performance controller that can accurately control the robot's movement and attitude, and supports advanced motion trajectory planning and real-time monitoring. ABB 07KR51 adopts advanced control algorithms, which can respond to and control the robot's movements in a very short time, while having high stability and reliability. Its use can improve the production efficiency and capacity of the production line, reduce manual intervention, and reduce labor costs.

ABB 07KR51 Manual

1. Four-digit digital tube: tens digit address 1, units digit address 2, tens digit 1, units digit 2.
2. The address is used to record the location of the command. Use the C and A keys + number keys to enter the address.
The maximum value for the full text is 99.
3. The number can be a command or a numerical value, which can be input directly using the numeric keys. The maximum value is 99. If it exceeds the value, the alarm will be displayed and "Er" will be displayed.
4. The arrangement order of red, yellow and green luminous tubes is the same as the arrangement order of traffic lights.
5. When there is no operation for three minutes, it will automatically shut down and go into sleep to save energy. Press reset key to wake up.
6. When the jumper is disconnected, the digital tube or light-emitting tube stops supplying power. This method can be used to save energy.

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