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Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS
  • Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GSFoxboro FCM100ET P0926GS

Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS

Hanhuiguan Trading is a well-established manufacturer, and we are excited to offer you the Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding after-sales service and ensuring that your order is delivered promptly.

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Product Description

Introduction of Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS. Hanhuiguan Trading look forward to cooperating with you.The Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS is a flow computer designed by Schneider Electric. It is a high-accuracy measurement instrument that is used in the oil and gas industry to measure and manage the flow of gas, crude oil, and other hydrocarbons in pipelines.

The FCM100ET P0926GS is capable of calculating flow rates, detecting leaks, and providing alarm notifications in case of any abnormal behavior detected in the pipeline. It can also be integrated with a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for remote monitoring and control.

Overall, the Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS is a reliable and efficient flow computer that helps oil and gas companies effectively manage their pipelines and ensure the safe and efficient operation of their facilities.

Features of Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS

The Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS is a flow meter designed for liquid applications. Here are some of its features:

Flow measurement range between 0.25 and 300 cubic meters per hour.
Accuracy of +/- 2% of reading for liquids with viscosities between 0.5 and 1000 centipoise, and a maximum error of +/- 3% of reading for liquids with higher viscosities.
Temperature range between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius.
Pressure rating of up to 100 bar.
Suitable for use with various types of liquids, including water, hydrocarbons, chemicals, and food and beverage products.
Integral or remote mountable transmitter options.
Modular design that allows easy installation and maintenance.
Robust construction that withstands harsh environments.
Compliance with various international standards, including CE, NACE, and ATEX.
Multiple communication protocols supported, including HART, Modbus, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

Application of Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS

The Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS is a flow computer used for measuring flow rates in a wide range of industrial applications. It is commonly used in the oil and gas industry to measure the flow of oil, gas, and other petroleum products through pipelines.

The FCM100ET P0926GS can measure flow rates at different pressure and temperature conditions and can also perform sophisticated calculations to calculate mass flow, density, and other parameters. It provides accurate and reliable data for process automation and control systems.

Some of the specific applications of the Foxboro FCM100ET P0926GS include custody transfer, product blending, and pipeline optimization. It can be used in both onshore and offshore installations and is suitable for harsh environments.

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