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Bachmann SEM201
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Bachmann SEM201

Hanhuiguan Trading is a reputable supplier of Bachmann SEM201 in China. This product is a powerful and reliable controller module that features state-of-the-art technology and a robust design, making it ideal for a broad range of applications. The Bachmann SEM201 unit can be used to control many different systems, including machine tools, packaging machines, and printing machines, among others, and can effectively help ensure efficient and reliable operation.

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In summary, if you’re in search of reliable and powerful controller modules such as the Bachmann SEM201, Hanhuiguan Trading is a trusted and reliable supplier that you can depend on. Contact us today for advice or to learn more about our services and offerings.


SERCOS 2 Standard IEC 61491
Fiber optic technology
Bus with ring structure
2 Kb x 32 DPRAM
Transfer rates: 2/4/8/16 Mbaud
Cycle times: 62.5 µs to 65 ms
Multiple masters can be synchronized

Bachmann SEM201 can be widely used in various industrial application scenarios, including locomotives, mines, ships, manufacturing, oil and gas and other fields.
In the locomotive industry, Bachmann SEM201 is often used for high-speed wheel set bending vibration and tension measurement of trains to detect problems on railway tracks.
In the mining industry, Bachmann SEM201 can be used for mining equipment monitoring, such as subway track positioning and geological exploration.
In the marine industry, Bachmann SEM201 can be used to monitor the structural and mechanical systems of ships to ensure the safety of ship operations.
In the manufacturing industry, Bachmann SEM201 can help monitor vibration and wear levels of machinery and equipment to ensure smooth operation of machines.
In the oil and gas industry, Bachmann SEM201 is often used to monitor the usage of natural gas pipelines and oil wells to ensure the operational safety and stability of the equipment.
Bachmann SEM201 is a high-performance controller module that is very suitable for various application scenarios. It can monitor the vibration and status of the machine in real-time, accurately and reliably, helping to improve the production efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

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